Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Astoria and Spring Skirts

Finally, FINALLY, Brad has weekends off so we can relax and see each other. To celebrate, we drove out of town to Astoria and stayed in an adorable bed and breakfast.

All packed!

Our B&B

Tower window in our B&B

Our little trip was so lovely. We spent most of it sitting in the tower window area and reading novels. I can't wait to do it again!

Now, the work week has begun again. In true form, now that I have a work project keeping me busy, I am much more productive in my downtime. I've already made two skirts (okay, one I just re-hemmed shorter...).

But first, I want to share with you an amazing item:

Looks all normal here, but!

It is e-coli ! ?

This first skirt was ridiculously long, and with an insane patten, I just did not have any desire to wear it. I felt like a curtain.

It's blurry because I am shaking my head "no, no, no."

I am not actually pidgeon-toed, I just do it when I
wear  just socks for some reason?
This one is blurry because I was kind of twirling a little.

I also made this adorable skirt which is much cuter than the picture demonstrates. I will take a better photo later because it is seriously my favorite thing I've made in a LONG time:

nubby fabric!


  1. Hi Piper, I saw your comment over at Lola Nova's and had to stop and say hi! I am a native of Portland and we own a home in Vancouver and all of the family is in Portland. Hubby has a long term job in the Anacortes area so we have a place there where I am most of the time. We spent 10 years in Rainier Oregon and would do day trips to Astoria all of the time to look around and have lunch while the kids were in school. I so enjoyed seeing your photos of your little get away weekend. I'll be back to visit again..I'm your new follower! xo

  2. Hi again. There is another blogger in Portland who follows Lola Nova too...Her name is Lindsay and she has a great blog, here is her link if you would like to check it out..she's young like you and is a newlywed (sept.). Have a great weekend! xo


  3. Hi Sherri,
    How lovely to have lived in the Pacific Northwest your whole life! It is definitely a beautiful corner of the world. Thank you for the chance to see both your blog and Lindsey's. They are both lovely and it is so refreshing to read blogs that are so simple, personal, and relatable -- especially from fellow Portlanders.

    I wish you a cozy end-of-wintertime!

  4. sounds like a great little getaway. you can't go wrong with readin' and craftin'! :)