Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Double (triple?) outfit post! AKA I need a photographer or a correctly positioned table if I'm ever going to do this again.

Another thing I do in my life is wear clothes. I love to wear them because they keep me warm in cold climates, are soft, and sometimes they are also pretty. Wearing clothes also gives me a great excuse to frequent thrift stores, as they are abundant in the stuff for cheaps.

I also work from home, which is not as exciting as one would think. One great/lame thing about working from home is I don't ever have to wear shoes. I really like being barefoot. The only trouble is, I also really like shoes. They are such satisfying objects AND I can find shoes that fit me well (I tend to shop in the little boys department for clothes -- this is probably why they do not fit me).

Here is me wearing some clothes without shoes, though you can't tell because I couldn't get a picture of myself from far enough away:

Sweater/shirt: H&M sale rack
Awesome green velvet belt: thrifted (Hospice Thrift Store in Longview, WA)
Chiffon midi skirt: thrifted (Hospice Thrift Store in Longview, WA)
This reminds me that "thrifted" should enter the dictionary already. 

Canning and Kittens

This weekend I went up to my dad's house in Washington for a visit. Brad made an attempt at fishing, which was ultimately unsuccessful, BUT! in consolation, my dad sent us home with the fish he caught the day before.

This fish.

Was huge.

So, we did what any sensible folk would do, and canned it.

Yum! The recipe is pretty simple, but requires a pressure cooker. It was pretty much just fish, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and a little salt. I'd look up the canning directions, though, since thats what counts. We did 10lbs for over 100 minutes I believe. Brad is the canner, for real, though.

My dad also gave us the biggest plant ever, and we had to go to Ikea to get a big pot for it.

Vashti was pretty happy about everything that happened this weekend, especially the giant fish getting blood all over the counter but finally resulting in tastiness:

That is her favorite chair.

I hope everyone (I guess just Kristyn?) made it through the Oregon heat okay. I am a big wimp and Saturday was CRAZY. Basically I've been inside for the whole thing. I'm pretty excited for fall coming around, though. Time to break out all my socks, sweaters, and tea!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

House Tour

So that was a silly idea, starting a blog in the middle of moving. Regardless. I am moved.

Things are --- nearly---- in place.

Our new home is a thing of joy. There's space for ALL of our creative endeavors.

Here's the whole living room basically as it looks from the couch -- still need to hang up the pictures, but I'm pretty freaking happy with it. Note: fireplace, vintage nat geos, and my dear plants.