Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sunny Days, Easter and a Little Blue Chair

Phew, Portland finally gave us a warm sunny break from winter. Things are blooming, the air smells like warm flowers instead of cold dew, and our house is getting a much-needed air-out.

New flowers, open windows

I have a new project completed that I am particularly proud of. A month (or so?) ago, while picking up some delicious pizza, I found a sad blue velvet chair just waiting to be loved. Brad was unsure, but I demanded:

"Brad, just help me put it in the trunk."

So the lovely little blue chair with no legs and a moldy skirt came home with us, and sat in our garage.

Some seam ripping, wipe downs, and new legs later, it looks like this:

Please excuse the blurrines. Or, just don't expand this picture.
This little blue chair has become my new reading spot in my bedroom. I am a happy girl.

Other things:

new quilt from the bins that is completely hand stitched -- there are some amazing women in the world

my cheery bedthings as of late

Easter outfit
Easter activity

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