Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Thirfting Goals

Buy one without the thrift: Beadspreads, Shirtdresses, Sweater, Shirt, Tea Kettle, Boots

I wanted to share what I'm keeping my eyes open for while thrifting, currently. Over the years, I've learned that it's good to have both some vague goals (like forest green, or an awesome tea kettle) to help you scan the store, and more specific goals (like the navy blue ginham shirt), which you know are must-buys if you spot them.

Things I really like and make me want to have them

I'm with the whole internet, I think, in loving peter pan collars, but, more specifically, when I am feeling sickeningly-sugary-sweet I like:

Tiny Collars

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Here's a quick one:

Will and I went to the bins and found a canvas sometime in August or September or something. Now it is a painting also painted by both Will and I that lives in our dining room:

The colors are a bit off (that wall is much closer to white) but there it is. If you want to see it in its proper shades, come over for dinner!


In a lot of ways, I live my life as if a child. I collect and arrange pretty rocks, talk to my pets, have dreams of epic tea parties, and delight in all things whimsical (if they're old). 

Today is no exception. After buying an item that came in a very large box, I have decided to do what any sensible person would, and make a cardboard castle.

However, my version of making a castle, in this case, simply consisted of getting inside the box. Since I am a princess, it must now be a castle. Overall I think it went pretty well.

Monday, October 3, 2011


We now have, much to my joy, a set of dining room chairs.

Brad and I found this set of four at House of Vintage on Hawthorne for $80.