Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Double (triple?) outfit post! AKA I need a photographer or a correctly positioned table if I'm ever going to do this again.

Another thing I do in my life is wear clothes. I love to wear them because they keep me warm in cold climates, are soft, and sometimes they are also pretty. Wearing clothes also gives me a great excuse to frequent thrift stores, as they are abundant in the stuff for cheaps.

I also work from home, which is not as exciting as one would think. One great/lame thing about working from home is I don't ever have to wear shoes. I really like being barefoot. The only trouble is, I also really like shoes. They are such satisfying objects AND I can find shoes that fit me well (I tend to shop in the little boys department for clothes -- this is probably why they do not fit me).

Here is me wearing some clothes without shoes, though you can't tell because I couldn't get a picture of myself from far enough away:

Sweater/shirt: H&M sale rack
Awesome green velvet belt: thrifted (Hospice Thrift Store in Longview, WA)
Chiffon midi skirt: thrifted (Hospice Thrift Store in Longview, WA)
This reminds me that "thrifted" should enter the dictionary already. 

Here is me wearing clothes WITH shoes:

ONLY you still can't see my feet so here is a separate picture of them standing on a rag rug I made:

Sweater: thirfted (Value Village boy's section)
Polo: thrifted (little girl's section, maybe V.V.)
Jeans: Cheap Monday on sale for $20 at U.O.
Loafers: Thrifted (Goodwill)

ALSO. I just checked out one of the 2 Goodwills in Portland I had not been to; this one was on Broadway. I'm really loving that one for their clothing selection. The dish-ware was also choice, but pricier than other Goodwills in my opinion.

I bought this outfit among my haul:

Necklace: Vintage chandelier crystal on a chain. I put it on the chain, so I guess I made it sort of?
Everything else: thrifted from Goodwill Broadway in Portland

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