Thursday, September 8, 2011

House Tour

So that was a silly idea, starting a blog in the middle of moving. Regardless. I am moved.

Things are --- nearly---- in place.

Our new home is a thing of joy. There's space for ALL of our creative endeavors.

Here's the whole living room basically as it looks from the couch -- still need to hang up the pictures, but I'm pretty freaking happy with it. Note: fireplace, vintage nat geos, and my dear plants.

As you can see, we aren't quite moved in. There are still boxes to be unpacked. I didn't even take a picture of the dining room because its all boxes and currently contains ZERO chairs. However, I wanted to get a picture of the way this chair looks with our couch.

This is probably my favorite picture of the house. I love this table, and never want to leave it. We'd still like to hang the "stained glass" (actually just samples from a glass manufacturer! thanks SCRAP). I love putting pretty white things on beat up wood.

Teacups!! I cannot believe my house has a tiny shelf with scalloped edging. It's like I designed the place.

(why is that a link, help?)

...And the whole kitchen. This is what made me want to move in right away. Check out that amazing green tile and the peninsula!!

Now onto my (of course, Brad has to live in all this girliness, too) bedroom and bathroom:

Woo. I'm showing you my toilet!

I love my vintage scale oh so much. The candles for one of my countless baths.

In the bedroom I have something I've always dreamed of: a vanity! It's not finished yet, but look at that stool! Drool! I am totally going to sit here to brush my hair 100 strokes.

Cozy, cozy kitten bed. Brad sleep with me in a 1930's nursery, basically.


Vashti says: "fucking let me outside already."

Band space. Nuff said.

Downstairs living room. This is for movies, me playing harvest moon, and all metal listening.

Also, in our new house, I have a craft room (also it is my office, but never mind that):

(yes, I have two sewing machines, don't you?)


  1. YES!! Piper, moving on up. I love everything I just saw.

  2. so darling. that scalloped cabinet (+ teacup collection) is amazing! and nice record bowl.

  3. A vintage dream house! Piper you really did it! x