Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dreaming of the Desert

I'm heading to Tucson for a vacation in approximately 2 days, and I am beyond excited. Portland is still cold, cold, cold. While it makes for the pleasant drinking of some heavy stouts (quite regularly), I am ready for some sunshine.

I've been looking mostly like this:

sweater: thrifted
dress: old navy sale
belt: thrifted
striped tights: ?
shoes: mall store

To celebrate my coming trip, and as contrast to the outfit above (which was still wayyy too cold to go outside in) I invented some pretend outfits I would wear if I packed a million things and bought a whole new wardrobe for my vacation. I think this is a new favorite hobby because I think I just want new clothes to combine exciting new colors and textures. If only I could touch 'em. I am particularly interested in touching the sweater in #2.

For shopping for vintage turquoise and going to the art museum

For an short sunrise hike and breakfast out after

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