Monday, January 30, 2012


January has been long.

Brad has been working this terrible schedule, leaving me sitting in the house wayyy too often. I've been able to complete some projects, but overall it is harder for me to be motivated when  I am stuck inside.

Shirt: UO 2010
Sweater: thrifted cashmere silk blend (warm)
Skirt: thrifted 
Tights: smart wool (gift from Mom last christmas)
over cheap-o target sweater tights
Shoes: unknown mall store, I took the laces out 

I've been trying to stay warm without too much heat or too much bulk. I've become a lot better at it over the years of living here. I can definitely take the Oregon winter, now.

Here is the current state of my bed. I unfortunately forgot to get a picture of the quilt I made in here, so maybe I'll need another update. The pillow cases and blankets are all thrifted from the Goodwill Bins (there is a wool army blanket under the visible one, also from the bins). I made the other three. The eye pillow was a gift to Brad for Christmas.

Becky got me the butterfly, to remind me of home, because she knows how badly I've been missing it.

Also, finally got a rug for the living room, which makes hanging out on the floor by the fire a much more enjoyable experience.We found it brand new at Goodwill, which was pretty awesome because we were debating shelling out for one at new price (ouch).

Cozy, cozy.

The only way to fight winter blues.
Despite the fact that, yes, I did manage to capture sun pouring in the windows, this is a very rare occurance right now, and was met with a joyful sqeal/is basically the motivator for taking pictures at all.

We're about to head off to Tucson on Saturday, though, to soak up some much needed rays and have some much needed time together.

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