Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Vortex

Once upon a time I had a chest for my sewing projects. It was a white chest with a cushion on top. I used it as a bench, and to hold my projects.


I added a desk. This desk had deep drawers. The chest became "fabric for specific projects" and the desk drawers were used for projects "in progress."


I got a couple of storage containers. One container held the pieces for a future quilt, the other held placemats that needed the trim completed. One was full (too full) of scraps for my rag rug. The drawers started to contain "things that should be used for specific purposes" and the chest started to contain "pretty fabrics I don't know what to do with."

Then, I moved.

I have a craft room, now, which is also my office. It has become "the room of things which must get done." Into the room travel torn clothing, things missing buttons, unfinished letters, my diary, the novel I'm reading (!), an unfinished crossword.... bills, things that need ironing, the bra I took off in the middle of a workday, notes for work projects, countless vintage sewing patters, a lamp missing a shade....

This room has become a place I avoid when the work is done.

It has become a vortex of unfinished things. I told Brad he isn't allowed to put projects in here anymore, because they get sucked into the vortex. He put something needing a 10 minute repair in my craft area once, and it was there for a year.

Beware the vortex.

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