Thursday, October 13, 2011


In a lot of ways, I live my life as if a child. I collect and arrange pretty rocks, talk to my pets, have dreams of epic tea parties, and delight in all things whimsical (if they're old). 

Today is no exception. After buying an item that came in a very large box, I have decided to do what any sensible person would, and make a cardboard castle.

However, my version of making a castle, in this case, simply consisted of getting inside the box. Since I am a princess, it must now be a castle. Overall I think it went pretty well.

Jeans and shoes and flannel: UO

I wore cozy-but-not-too-cozy early fall clothings in what is officially my least thrifted outfit ever. It's actually pretty weird that I wore an entire outfit of clothing bought new, but I suppose it is bound to happen occasionally.

Attempting to coerce Peter to join me in the box. He ain't having it.

Vashti would usually play, but.. not right now.

Not very long ago, I made a cardboard castle for my dear bunny, Boski. (S)He loved (and devoured) the castle, in the end, but in the beginning it looked something like this:

Actually, it looked exactly like that, because that was Boski's castle.

Also the other day, Clever Nettle posted some pictures of pretty clothing with a backdrop of nothing other than a cardboard castle.

This designer also made the exact outfit I want to wear in MY cardboard castle:


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