Thursday, August 9, 2012

Work Clothes and a Thrifting Success

It's so nice to have a job where I leave the house a few days a week. I'm getting less afraid of downtown, and even a little interested in biking to work (I am a weak biker). Dressing for hot days and crazy air conditioning is a little difficult, though.

A few attempts:

Blouse: silk. hrifted in high school, stained in a college laundry mishap, and then dyed by me.
Pants: thrifted recently, legs narrowed by me.
Shoes: thrifted jazz shoes.

Shirt: thrifted substantial cotton t-shirt
Skirt: thrifted gap
Belt: Teen Callege thrift store
Shoes: some mall store?
Reading glasses: eyebuydirect

 I also have had some success on my thrifting goals. Below, some not-chelsea-boots-but-like-them from the Lombard Goodwill:

More thrifted successes to come!

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